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Sundarban - 2 Nights 3 Days Package (Canning - Canning)

sundarban tour, sundarban travel, prakrity village resort sunderban

Package Duration : 2 Nights/ 3 Days
Package Validity : From 2016-07-19 To 2016-12-31
Destination Covered : Canning – Sundarban – Canning
Package Cost : 4800 INR

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Sundarban - 2 Nights 3 Days (Kolkata – Kolkata)

sundarban tour, sundarban travel, prakrity village resort sunderban

Package Duration : 2 Night 3 Days
Package Validity : From 2016-07-19 To 2016-12-31
Destination Covered : Sudhanyakhali-Sajnekhali
Package Cost : 5500 INR

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Sundarban - 1 Night 2 Days (Kolkata - Kolkata)

sundarban tour, sundarban travel

Package Duration : 1 Night  2 Days
Package Validity : From 2016-07-19 To 2016-12-31
Destination Covered : Sajnekhali- Sudhanokhali-Dobanki
Package Cost : 3200 INR

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Sundarban Package - Canning To Canning - 1 Night 2 Days

sajnekhali watch tower, sundarban tour,sundarban travel, sundarban package tour

Package Duration : 1 Night / 2 Days
Package Validity : From 2016-07-19 To 2016-12-31
Destination Covered : All Destinations
Package Cost : 2500 INR

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Gangasagar -Sundarban - Kolkata - 3 Night 4 days

gangasagar tour,sundarban tour,sundarban travel,sundarban package tour

Package Duration : 3 Night/ 4 Days
Package Validity : From 2016-07-19 To 2016-12-31
Destination Covered : All Destinations
Package Cost : 8,500 INR

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Kolkata City Tour in 1 day (The City of Joy at its best)


Package Duration : 1 Day city tour
Package Validity : Any Time
Destination Covered : All Tourist destinations
Package Cost : 3500 INR

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Sleep in a cozy mud hut like a baby in Sundarban

Explore the wilderness in you amidst the nature of Sundarban’s Beauty. Enjoy your stay at our exclusive Prakrity village resort sunderban and experience Sundarban Tour.

Make your Sundarban Travel a memorable experience

Sundarban Tour, Travel & Package

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the phenomenal Sundarbans are also the largest mangrove forests to exist in the world. Uninhabited by humans, the swathe of greens attracts tourists from all corners of the world.

Travellers looking for a blend of thrilling adventure and calm escape flock to the mystical Sundarban forests for a never before Sundarban travel experience. A Sundarban tour should take you on mystical ride through the thick forests as you spot the elusive Royal Bengal tiger while you float through the enchanting woodland. Sundarban tour is incomplete without a three to four day boat tour that takes you on a dreamy ride through the deep swamps of the elusive forests, and lets you witness the true beauty of nature that lies hidden from our sights.

Whether you want to watch the sunset at the famous Mothian Island Wildlife Sanctuary or wish to experience the legend of Netidhopani or desire a leisurely spotting of the rich wildlife at the Sundarbans; our exclusive Sundarban package tour is just the right fit for your ultimate Sundarban tour. Come escape with us as we plan the tour of a lifetime for you and your loved ones.

Have a wonderful Sundarban Travel experience

The biggest mangrove forest in the world, Sundarban has on offer the experience of a lifetime to nature enthusiasts. The UNESCO World Heritage Site offers an ecosystem of biodiversity that is not found anywhere else. Tourists from across India, Bangladesh and other corners of the globe indulge in Sundarban Travel to witness the varied flora and fauna.

Revel in the beauty of nature via Sundarban Tour

A Sundarban Tour should let you have a glimpse of the famous Royal Bengal Tiger from the various watchtowers that line this magnificent forest. Animal lovers should not be disappointed as apart from the famous cat specie, you will also get to spot other endangered species like the saltwater crocodile, olive riley turtle and the Ganges river dolphin. Make sure you do take a multiple day Sundarban Tour by boat to experience the true essence of the renowned woodlands. The boat ride should take you through the deep swamps to give a real insight into the beauty of the biosphere reserve. A well planned Sundarban Tour should let you indulge in activities such as spotting rare bird species at the paradisiacal Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary, view the ruins of the centuries old Shiva temple at Netidhopani, witness the oliver riley turtles in large numbers during their nesting season at the island of Kanak, and take a holy dip at the Gangasagar.

Make the most out of your visit with a Sundarban Package Tour

The Sundarban can be a perfect weekend getaway for domestic travellers who want to escape from the monotony of regular life. Situated at a distance of about 100 kilometres from Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, Sundarbans offer a welcome retreat to travellers who are looking to get lost in the beauty of nature. A Sundarban Package Tour should take care of all your needs when visiting the mangrove paradise of Sundarban. We offer a variety of Sundarban packages that are tailored to meet the unique needs of every tourist. Whether you want to make a weekend stay with a 1 Night 2 Days tour, or you want to make the most of your trip with a Canning to Canning 2 Nights 3 Days Sundarban Package, our tours will fit your needs and budget. Contact us now to book your Sundarban Package Tour!