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Facts About Sundarban That Will Blow Your Mind

In this busy life people are seen craving for a quality time for a tour or travel, but getting a leave is a big issue. There is a beautiful tourist destination for them, Sundarban which is situated in West Bengal near the Bay of Bengal. Sundarban tour package is the best way to escape this busy and hectic life.

The picturesque beauty of this forest attracts many tourists from all over the world. It is such a tourist destination that it is preferred by people of all age, may be kids or grownups. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has got beautiful mangroves and water bodies. It has got much diversity of aquatic body and a mixture of beautiful flora and fauna. Exploring Sundarban would be a treat for those who love water bodies and wildlife. Sundarban travel would be worth spending.

Some of he facts about Sundarban that will blow your mind:

World’s Largest Mangrove forest: Sundarban National Park is the largest mangrove forest in the world. It is quite distinguished by productive growth of mangrove vegetation. They grow the best in salty costal sea water.

Globe’s largest delta: This is world’s largest deltaic forest. It is also known as Bengal Delta or green delta. It is formed by the amalgamation of two rivers, River Ganga and Brahmaputra. It is spread in 1330 kilometres in India. This was also awarded as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Shelter of Royal Bengal Tiger: This ever green delta is a home to fiery and majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. The sundarban tiger reserve has numerous number of tigers in the entire world.

Own land of nature: It is a tropical delta with the largest single block of tidal mangrove forest in the world. As you enter the forest you could get to see enigmatic beauty over there. During summers, the Genwa Bejewal blossoms as beautifies the forest more. Some of the floral species are the red flowers of Kankara and the yellow Khalsi flower.

Island’s conglomeration: If you think it is a combination 5-10 islands then you are completely mistaken. It is an archipelago of 54 tiny Islands. It is quite interesting fact.

Prograding Delta: It is the world’s widest and deepest and tectonically active delta. The delta complex and its surroundings have dynamic physiographical and geomorphological features. It has quite thick layer of floodplain deposit, the rise in the sea level due to various other geographical features. The delta has prograded phases.

A sight to behold: If you visit Sundarban, you could get beautiful natural sights. It is the largest tangle of mangrove in tropical Asia. The ideal time to experience the natural beauty is between September to March.

One of the largest fishery board in India:It is an important natural resource endowment and is quite famous for its salty water fish production and marine fisheries. It conducts fishery project in an area of 50 hectare.

Paradise for photographers: You could never find a better place than this for photography. Here you could see varieties of birds and many different animals. You could get a chance to capture royal glace of gracious Royal Bengal Tiger. It would be indeed a scene to behold.

After going through all these, one will definitely give a thought on going to Sundarban for a tour.

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