How to reach the Sundarbans

By Train – Local trains regularly ply between Canning and Sealdah in the South and barely take an hour and a half. Vans that are locally shared are also available from Cunning to Godhkhali Jetty. From there a boat ride to the Sundarbans begin.

By Road – There is a well laid network of roadways that establishes a connection between Sundarbans to Kolkata, 110 km away. You hire public transport from Canning (64 km), Najat (92 km), Sonakhali (100 km), Namkhana (105 km) and Raidighi (76 km). These are all short and have an excellent access to waterways.

Waterways – Waterways are also a favourable mode of transport for reaching the Sundarbans and can reach the deltas within a very short span of time. The riverine waterways give easy access to the Sundarban delta. Jambudeep as well as Namkhana are a few places that are easily linked by the waterways.