Kalash Deep and Lothian Island – Kalash Deep or Kalash Island is located on the banks of the Bay of Bengal. The Kalash camp lying near the Kalash beach are important tourist destinations. Although these are well protected with a fence of 10 feet high and a 20 feet trench, it is still not enough to prevent tigers from venturing into the beach due to the sweet water pond located in there.

Such is the allure of the place that definitely defines an outing in the Kalash Deep. However, tourists are restricted from touring the beach alone and must be assisted by forest rangers for their protection. Otherwise, the island is uninhabited and here you might also have a glimpse of the Olive Ridley turtles that come here during the winters for nesting. You can visit the Lothian Island (also known as Namkhana) on your way back from the Kalash Island.