Sundarban National Park- Major Tourist attraction in Sundarban

Sundarban National Park is located at the south eastern tip of 24 Paraganas district in the state of West Bengal. It has got its name from a mangrove plant known as Sundari also known as Heritiera Minor. Sundarban is a part of world’s largest delta formed by river Ganga, Brahmaputra and Meghna. It covers an area of 4262 square kilometres in India and its larger portion is in Bangladesh. 2585 square kilometres of Sundarban forms the largest Tiger Reserve and the National Park. It also has floating watch station and camps so that they could protect the property from the poachers.

This National Park is worth seeing. This park receives financial aid form the Indian Government too. The maximum temperature over here is 20 degree and maximum temperature is 48 degree. Here the monsoon lasts from the mid of June to mid of September. You will love to see the wild animals over there. The park is surrounded by a buffer zone of 885 square kilometres. This mainly consists of mangrove forests. The core area of Natural park has its own boundaries. The four Sunderbans national park has been lumpes together as they all share the common features of estuarine mangrove ecosystem.

The major attraction of Sundarban is the Royal Bengal Tigers. This delta also harbours large number of Monitor Lizard, Crocodiles and Olive ridley turtle for which they run a conservation programme in the Indian park. Animals like the Leopard, Indian Rhinocerous, Swamp Deer, Javan Rhinocerous, Water Buffalo and Hog Deer, all these have become locally extinct from this delta in recent decades.


Best season to visit this park:

The best time to visit Sundarban is during winters between December and February, though the park is open from September to March. During this period the most migratory birds are present here.

How to reach this National Park:

You could reach here by every means, ie. by air, by sea or by train. To get there the nearest airport is Kolkata. The nearest Railway station is Canning and the nearest town is Gosaba.

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